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About Paul Massie Phothography LLC

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Paul Massie Photography LLC has been a lifetime in the making.  I began photography as a young boy of about 4-years old, with a small box camera.  My family would go on photo safaris in Michigan in pursuit of covered bridges and summer camping trips.  I learned my way around my father's crude darkroom setups.

In Middle and High School, I pursued videography on old portable video cameras and reel-to-reel video recorder decks.  In Boy Scouts we experimented with homemade pinhole cameras.  Some of us from my Boy Scout Troop volunteered at the local PBS station. I was an AV nerd if there was one enjoying all kinds of movie and video gadgets.  I improvised a darkroom in the basement of my Fraternity one summer for a class project while attending Michigan State University.

I began what would be a 34 year career with Ford Motor Company at a time just before the computer and internet explosion.  I quickly taught myself how to use these new technologies to help advance my career.  This career gave me the chance to travel the USA extensively and even globally.  On many of these trips I would drag my camera along and take a few vacation days to visit the local scenic vistas.

During this time I met my wife and we raised three boys, sharing my passion for the outdoors and technology.

I see a Digital Photography and Videography Media Business as the perfect amalgamation of my passion for:




-Business/Entrepreneurial Spirit

My career with Ford Motor Company helped teach me about hard work and dependability.  It nurtured and refined strong business sense in Marketing, Sales, Data Interpretation, Finance, Product Development, Strategy and mostly Customer Service.

Over my 34-years with Ford Motor company I estimate I have worked with thousands of retail customers (vehicle owners), thousands of dealer franchises and hundreds of warehouse distributors, suppliers, retailers.  It is my hope that this experience will translate into a superior focus on your customer experience with Paul Massie Photography LLC.

Now, that I have retired from Ford Motor Company I am redirecting my passion towards Real Estate Photography as a day job and Fine Art Photography as my side job.

Long before I was consciously aware of God, I somehow knew him most when outdoors exploring his creation. I’ve been blessed to have had a lifetime of opportunities through family, Boy Scout camping trips and travel associated with my business life to see and explore his many vistas. Now I humbly seek to express my relationship with him, to others, through my photography.  It is HIS light, at a moment in time, we photographers capture whether natural or man-made it's all HIS creation.

So, you will see a heavy emphasis on landscape and nature photography for sale through Paul Massie Photography | Fine Art Photography.   

Please enjoy my Fine Art Photography which may be purchased directly from this site by selecting the PORTFOLIO or GALLERIES button.