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Seeking God's Light Through Photography | Visio Divina


Visio Divina

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1:1)

After capturing a stunning photograph, I sometimes have to stop and remind myself I didn’t make that image–God did. God willed His Creation into existence and provided the Light I’m capturing. Using my camera I merely "showed-up," composed the scene, set exposure, focused and pressed a button. The resulting image is of His Creation–not mine.  I used a visual recording device to record His Data at a moment in time.  What little I contribute is inspired by His Light, His Original Creation and the Gifts he has bestowed on me.

To me, Visio Divina is Divine Seeing or Praying to God with our eyes. Acknowledging that based on the beauty I see before me, God is God, and I am not.  There are many ways to pray to our God but one way I believe God engages us, without us sometime even knowing it, is the beauty of His Light falling upon His Creation. Whether you are a believer or not, awe inspiring beauty makes us stop and ponder. Our hearts beat faster, good feelings rush through us and maybe in that moment we can confess we didn’t make “that”… only a Divine Supernatural Creator could have made “that” or inspired “that” into existence. He is my God, This and I are His Creation and I want to know my Creator. To me, God’s Beautiful Creation reveals his Truth and Love for us.

So... long before I was consciously aware of God I somehow knew him most when outdoors exploring His Creation. I’ve been blessed to have had a lifetime to explore His Creation with my camera. I believe I was praying with my eyes long before I knew it. Now, I humbly seek to express my relationship with Him to others, through my photography. It is His Light, at a moment in time I capture to share His Creation.

Paul Massie Photography LLC | Fine Art Photography

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Paul Massie Photography LLC has been a lifetime in the making. My passion for creativity was nurtured from a young age and manifested itself in drawing, painting, photography and videography.

During my formable years I was graced with family, friends and teachers who encouraged my exploration of art, photography and videography. This was back in the film camera days, developing and printing film in darkrooms and videotaping on old reel-to-reel decks. These media forms were crude by today’s standards but honed my passion for them which has stuck with me my whole life.

However, as for many who are passionate about creative pursuits, photography would take a back seat to my career- and family-needs for several decades. My cameras were focused primarily on family events.

The digital era reinvigorated my photography as it merged with another passion of mine–computers. Gone were the days of messy film development or the expense of paying for a whole roll of film to be developed just to be disappointed with a bunch of duds.

Digital photography cameras, equipment and software meant I could create, learn and expand without the waste. Processing images on a computer opened up creative freedom to take my images in any direction I want. Using new software and techniques have allowed me to explore a new direction for my art blending impressionistic painting and photography into what I call Digital Photo Painting.

My 35 year automotive industry career afforded me the chance to travel. On many of these trips I would drag my camera along and take a few vacation days to visit the local scenic vistas. This was the beginning of Paul Massie Photography | Fine Art Photography. Many of the images on my website are from this humble beginning.

After working for so many years making other men’s dreams come true, at a time when my peers were either retiring or pursuing other employment opportunities, I decided to go a different direction and pursue my own dream. That of being an entrepreneur and starting my own business. To do this I would follow my creative passion for photography and thus Paul Massie Photography was born and became a Limited Liability Company.

I hope you find your visit to Paul Massie Photography | Fine Art Photography a pleasant one, you enjoy my art and find yourself returning again in the future to see my new work. More importantly I hope you see God in his Creation.

God Bless,

Paul Massie